ISOLTUBEX , S.L. guarantee the quality of their products by a Civil Liability Insurance, signed with a insuring company with an international presence, against any manufacturing defect, being covered the possible damages caused exclusively by this reason, according the law 23/2003 of 10th July-BOE.

The guarantee only will be applicable in the following cases:

Products that present manufacturing defects, provided that they have not been previously manipulated improperly.

Products (pipe and fittings) which has been originally manufactured and/or distributed by the brand ISOLTUBEX, S.L.  or they have been marked with the logo or the name of our company.

The guarantee is not applicable when concurs any of the following circumstances:

When the installation of our products are done in a wrong way or when mixed with other materials which are not from us.

By the use of damaged materials prior to the installation.

By not observing the recommended assembly instructions in our catalogue ISOLTUBEX 2017 2nd Edition.

By the lack of collaboration or obstruction by the client in the inspection and /or revision works of the products (installed or not) to be made by the technician designated by ISOLTUBEX, S.L.

ISOLTUBEX, S.L.  is not responsible by the installation defects or improper storage, as well as negligence in the conservation of the products.

Our company will designate a technician who will make the examination of the materials and will rule respect the causes or motives of the claim, communicating in its case, to the Insurance Company which one we have signed a Civil Liability Insurance; in this case, the client can designate a technician to be present in the realization of the opportune verifications and contributes to the definitive decision. In case of detecting any anomaly or defects imputable to the production process, it will proceed to process the corresponding documentation to the Insurance company.